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5 Costs Of Suicide Cleanup To Consider In 2020

The untimely death of a loved one by their own hands is never easy. You’re often left with many unanswered questions as well as bogged down with mundane logistics that need to be handled quickly. From police reports, to body transportation, and funeral arrangements. Your head can be left spinning. When tragedy like a suicide death occurs, the family and friends left behind are forced to create a plan of action for things they never thought they’d have to deal with—the unexpected burden of death cleanup and the costs associated with it. While every suicide cleanup is different, today our experts at On Call Bio-Minnesota have put together a list of 5 common costs of suicide cleanup that you may encounter.

1. Unanticipated Complications

Walking into someone’s home, you never know what you are going to be faced with. Some victims may have struggled with hoarding tendencies. Making the cleanup next to impossible. Other times, heavy machinery may need to be involved or large amounts of personal property sorted out, making the cleanup service very difficult. The labor alone will drive up the costs of the cleanup in these particular suicide death cases. Our experts at On Call Bio-Minnesota have seen it all and are confident that no matter the obstacle, we will safely and properly clean the affected area.

2. Number of Rooms

Was the suicide confined to one room or did if effect multiple rooms? This can greatly affect the cost of cleanup because of the time it potentially will take and the amount of team members that need to be there working. If the death was contained to one room, this room will need to be isolated from the rest of the structure so it doesn’t contaminate anything else. Anything that needs to be removed from this room should be bagged and done in that space so there’s no risk of contaminating any other areas of the home. A death cleanup can affect many areas of a home or space and has to be handled with extreme caution and cleanliness as to not tarnish any other areas.

3. Structural Damage

If there was damage that occurred to the home during the suicide death, like problems with the doors or windows, dry wall, subfloor or effects to any building materials, this is a strong sign of structural damage. While most of the time this should be covered by homeowner’s insurance, many renters or apartment dwellers may have to pay all of these costs out of pocket. Your biohazard cleanup provider will work with your building owner to access and determine the extent of the damage. If you do have coverage, your provider can work directly with your insurance company and all you will have to worry about is paying the deductible after everything is settled. If you’re not covered, your cleanup provider may have options to offer you like payment plans, financial assistance and third-party funding sources.

4. Decomposition Cleanup

If the suicide doubled as an unattended death, you’re going to be looking at quite the costly cleanup. Not only is this a greater biohazard risk, but the cleanup team will need more personal protection gear to enter the scene. Keeping that in mind, the longer a body is left unattended to decompose, the more bodily fluids will be present. Blood and other fluids can compromise wooden floors, requiring the cleanup crew to rip up certain areas of flooring and throw away any furniture or mattresses that were compromised. Unfortunately, blood is very hard to remove from carpets and other porous materials so, most of the time, whatever has been stained with blood will have to be disposed of. Trust the experts in unattended death cleanup and biohazard cleaning in Minneapolis and surrounding areas by contacting us at On Call Bio-Minnesota.

5. Emotional

While all of these costs have been demanding on the wallet, the emotional cost of losing a loved one to suicide is astronomical. Oftentimes, suicides happen with no explanation. This leaves family and friends heartbroken and confused over the loss of their loved one. This can be one of the most challenging experiences that an individual will ever have to face. While there is no easy or correct way to grieve, know that it is natural, and no two people will experience loss in the same way. The emotional cost of losing a friend or relative to suicide will never even come close to the financial cost of cleaning up the scene.

Total Costs of Suicide Cleanup

All in all, depending on the severity of the death, the total costs of suicide cleanup can be anywhere from $500 to $25,000. Unattended suicide deaths and shotgun suicides tend to be on the higher end of the spectrum versus a suicide that doesn’t involve a gun because the cleanup time and effort can be much less. While homeowner’s insurance can cover most of these costs, if you’re a renter or live in an apartment, you might be responsible for a portions of these costs. On Call Bio-Minnesota is proud to offer their affordable suicide cleanup services to the Minneapolis, St. Paul, Rochester, Duluth and surrounding suburbs.

Why Choose On Call Bio-Minnesota For Suicide Cleanup In Minneapolis?

Here at On Call Bio-Minnesota, we are a fully licensed, bonded, and insured company that can properly clean and sanitize suicide scenes, unattended deaths, crime scenes, medical traumas, and other biohazards. We have cleaned many unattended and suicide death scenes and know what to look for, where to look for it, and how to properly disinfect and clean it. Our professional staff will follow industry-standard safety and disinfection procedures. We remove any property as appropriate and dispose of it following the Minnesota biohazard procedures. Once our professional staff is done with the scene, you can be assured it will be safe and properly cleaned.

On Call Bio-Minnesota services cities in Northern Minnesota like Bloomington, Maple Grove and St. Cloud, as well as Minneapolis, St. Paul, Rochester, Duluth and the surrounding suburbs with the foremost suicide death cleanup services in Minnesota. We also travel throughout the state. Contact us today to let us assist you in your time of need.


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