The Experts At On Call Bio-Minnesota Are Your Trusted Professionals For Biohazard Cleaning Services In Minnesota.

Specializing in crime scenes, unattended deaths, medical traumas, and other biohazards. We are here to help!

When a traumatic event occurs, we at On Call Bio-Minnesota understand that proper biohazard cleaning must be done quickly, efficiently, and with as little inconvenience as possible. We are available to help with any bioremediation seven days a week, during the day or night.

For emergencies, we can typically get a crew on the road in 45-60 minutes. Or, we are happy to schedule a time to arrive that works for you.


Minneapolis southwestern suburbs


Northern Minnesota


Lower Minnesota

(651) 401-2600

Central Saint Paul

(507) 607-0709

Greater Minnesota

(320) 356-8100

Central Minnesota

How It Works

  1. Call On Call Bio-Minnesota to speak with a kind, caring professional.
  2. We will listen to you, answer your questions, and explain the next step. Most often, this next step is either scheduling biohazard cleaning services in Minnesota or providing an estimate.
  3. On Call Bio-Minnesota’s bioremediation team will arrive at your location at the scheduled time in an unmarked, inconspicuous vehicle.
  4. We will talk through our plan, gather any additional information we need, answer your questions, and begin the cleanup.

That’s it!

It is our goal to make cleanup as discreet, compassionate, and easy for you as possible. When we are finished, all biohazards will be remediated, items that cannot be properly cleaned will be removed, and the space will be safe and functional for you. If additional services such as painting or carpentry are required, On Call Bio-Minnesota will gladly provide a recommendation for you.

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